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Budget Bottoms

This is a great cost effective and convenient way for you to cloth diaper your baby.  The Budget Bottoms shell is made of 2 layers of PUL to provide the highest quality that Mommy's Touch can offer.   
Mommy's Touch recommend that you get one 3 pack of the soakers for each cover purchased.  If the baby is just wet you can change only the inner soaker and not the whole diaper.
Advantages of this system:
  • Over the AIO or Easy clean diaper is that the shell is very durable and as we all know the fleece is the part of the diaper that is the most sensitive, with the BudgetBottoms system if you accidentally use diaper rash ointment on the diaper only the soaker will need replacing not the entire diaper.
  • Over the AIO diaper is that if microfiber is no longer absorbent enough for your baby you can switch to the Hemp soakers for just night time or for full time without replacing her whole diaper stash.
Give it a try!!!

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